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Sleep Apnea Testing


We provide home sleep testing in the comfort of a driver's home, cab or other location at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-lab sleep test. We will soon also provide low cost CPAP equipment, supplies and compliance monitoring.

• Less scheduling issues and wait time
• No travel or time away from work
• Rapid turnaround of results
• Sleep testing services in any location

Our Services
• All sleep test scheduling
• Prompt reports with recommendations to board certified sleep physicians
• Education about the identification, risk and consequences of OSA
• Questionnaires to screen for the risk of OSA
• CPAP or APAP equipment and supplies
• Monitoring of CPAP / APAP compliance
• Confirm delivery and effectiveness of CPAP / APAP equipment
• DOT certification letters
• Instruction in the proper use and maintenance of CPAP / APAP equipment & supplies
• Recommendation of sleep lab facilities and sleep specialists

For employers and corporate entities we will quickly develop and implement a custom and cost effective sleep testing and management solution to fit your needs. We are completely flexible and all services are available as a complete, fair priced package or may be purchased individually.

Sleep Apnea Test $295 - Compared to $2450 at Sleep Center