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Non-DOT Drug / Alcohol Program

We have expanded the Consortium's Drug & Alcohol testing program beyond the federally-mandated testing of public works employees who perform safety-sensitive functions.

The expanded Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium is offered to members for the following departments that respond to emergencies, drive large trucks, vans or busses, where the need for safety is very critical:

  • Police departments
  • Fire departments
  • Emergency personnel
  • School bus drivers
  • Custodians
  • Teachers
  • Van drivers
  • Public works personnel not performing safety-sensitive functions, including supervisors
  • Parks and recreation administrative staff
  • Testing covered by the Federal Transit Authority
  • Pertinent staff of local public agencies
  • Small and Large Business Employees

Testing programs for those departments or agencies not covered by the federally mandated regulations can be customized to meet the needs of each group. Tests may be for drugs, alcohol or both; and the types of tests can be selected from the following: pre-employment, random, post accident, follow-up, return-to-duty, and reasonable suspicion. Pre-employment and random testing would be the most common tests required.

The annual percentage for drug and alcohol testing will be determined locally and can vary by organization. Currently the DOT random testing percentages are 50% for drugs and 10% for alcohol.

For more information on our expanded testing program, please contact us today.